Our failure to care for our veterans is stain upon our nation’s honor As I travel around the First District, and speak with other veterans, one of the most common topics that comes up is the disgraceful treatment of our veterans. I know that our service men and women sacrifice everything for our country, and fight so that we can enjoy the freedoms and liberties that define America. We owe it to our veterans to give them the help and assistance they deserve, and guarantee they receive high-quality and timely care.

It’s imperative that our veterans receive the care they are owed

As your Congressman, I will make helping our veterans one of my top priorities. I know our Veterans Administration needs improvements – and I’ll work tirelessly to ensure every veteran receives the care they deserve. I’ll have an open-door policy for every veteran, and use my voice as a Congressman to look out for those who are most deserving of help and assistance.

We must hold negligent and criminal officials at the VA accountable

It is outrageous that many VA officials, who allowed our veterans to pass away while waiting for care, have never been held responsible. If elected to Washington, I’ll push for real accountability. We need serious changes in our VA – not only a replacement of ineffective administrators, but criminal charges for those who knew about the negligent practices, and chose to cover up or enable this thoughtless behavior.