The Second Amendment

I’m committed to defending the Second Amendment

The Second Amendment of the Constitution is plainly clear — “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Maine citizens have rich tradition of safely using firearms, for hunting and for safety. We have one of the highest rates of gun ownership in America, but yet we have some of the lowest rates of gun crimes. For generations, families like mine have owned and used firearms in a safe and responsible manner. In Washington, I’ll fight to protect that right.

I do not support aggressive gun controls.

Excessive regulation must be limited, and we must protect the Second Amendment. However, guns should be not be legally available to people convicted of felonies or domestic abuse or those judged mentally impaired.

Gun control measures should start by enforcing the laws currently on the books, not by expanding them.

Criminals and terrorists do not buy their weapons at gun shows, from collectors or through private transactions. The current background check system must be revamped so that accurate information is available in a timely manner.

Much of the gun violence in this country, particularly mass shootings, is committed by someone with mental illness.

The priority should be treating mental illness, which leads to a host of social ills—not depriving people of their Second Amendment rights.

Those who are convicted of crimes using firearms should receive significantly stiffer sentences as a means of deterrence.

Crimes committed with guns should be dealt with aggressively to make criminals think twice and protect society from those who would threaten their lives.