The Constitution

We must uphold our Constitution

Washington insiders have seemingly forgotten about our founding document, and have long ignored the principles and protections that have given us a safe and secure way of life. When elected to Congress, I’ll vigorously defend our Constitution, and ensure that every law we pass passes Constitutional muster. I’ll use my legal and business experience to thoroughly examine every issue, and be the constitutional conservative that our district deserves.

I’m committed to defending the Second Amendment

The Second Amendment of the Constitution is plainly clear — “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Maine citizens have a rich tradition of safely using firearms, for hunting and for safety. We have one of the highest rates of gun ownership in America, but yet we have some of the lowest rates of gun crimes. For generations, families like mine have owned and used firearms in a safe and responsible manner. In Washington, I’ll fight to protect that right.

Congress is the source of all laws

Proponents of big-government like President Obama and Rep. Pingree have neglected to follow the provisions in the Constitution which dictate that Congress is the source of all laws. They have used the executive branch to advance their personal agenda, and bypassed the authority of Congress.

As your Congressman, I’ll ensure that we respect the Constitution, and abide by the separation of powers it lays out. We must roll-back executive authority, limit government regulations that are outside the authority of Congress, and stop the massive expansion of the federal government. I’ll fight for the principles that have made our country the greatest in the world, and ensure our Constitution is able to preserve our way of life.