Social security and Medicare

It’s finally time we address this problem

For decades, Washington insiders have been talking about fixing Social Security and Medicare. All throughout my life, I’ve heard politicians discuss their “plan” to fix and reform these programs, and ensure they are viable and solvent.

But none of these plans have come to fruition. Insider politicians, such as Rep. Pingree, don’t have the appetite for making changes, and ensuring that we protect these programs. There’s no shortage of ideas on how to fix Social Security and Medicare – what we are lacking is leadership in Washington, and elected officials who are committed to tackling the tough issues. In Congress, I’ll help address the problems with Social Security and Medicare, and lead the effort to ensure our seniors receive the help they deserve.

We must protect benefits for current and so-to-be retirees

Our seniors and retirees have paid millions into Social Security and Medicare. They deserve to receive what they are owed, and be given the retirement funds and health care they are expecting. We should not make any changes to these programs for retirees, or those who are about to retire. I will fight to protect their benefits, and guarantee they have the resources they deserve.

Social security and Medicare must be sustainable

Millions of Americans are depending, and will depend upon these programs so that they can age with dignity. It is imperative that we make adjustments to these programs future generations can enjoy these programs, and utilize them to their full potential. I know it will take strong leadership – but I am committed to being the effective Representative who secures and protects our future.