The unregulated influx of low-skilled, illegal immigrants must be halted.


During the years Obama has been in office, America has seen an explosion of illegal immigration. The result: wages of American workers have been depressed and the jobs that are key to realizing the American dream have been lost.

We must secure our borders

In order to stop this wave of illegal immigration, we must secure our borders and our ports. This involves increasing patrols, devoting more resources to our Border Patrol Agents, and ensuring that we are following existing laws on the books, and returning individuals who are here illegally and are caught breaking our laws.

Our immigration system must be fixed

As it is now, it is often easier for immigrants to enter this country illegally instead of legally. That is simply the opposite of how our immigration system should work. We must revamp our immigration system, so that we can easily and safely verify immigrants, accept those who wish to assimilate into our American society, and follow our rules of law.

The federal government should back up this system with stiff penalties for employers who employ illegal immigrants, and individuals who enter our country illegally. We must respect our rule of law, and ensure we have a fair but firm immigration policy.

We should welcome those who can help grow our economy

Our economy depends upon high-skilled workers who can perform a wide-range of jobs and tasks. America should welcome immigrants who have come to this country legally, and wish to contribute to our economy and help create jobs. We are a land of hope and opportunity — and we function best when all of our workers are able to contribute to our growth and prosperity.