Health care

We must repeal ObamaCare

The federal take-over of our health care industry must stop. Patients across the country, and across our state, are being victimized by the bureaucratic mess and the lack of individual attention that has accompanied Obamacare. Although proponents of Obamacare promised that patients would be able to keep their doctor and their health care plans, that has been far from the truth. Businesses and families throughout America are paying higher taxes to pay for this failing policy, limiting their economic potential and their ability to get ahead.

I know we must repeal Obamacare, and replace it with a common-sense system that allows for individual plans, and not one-size-fits all health care coverage. Our patients deserve quality and affordable plans — and I’ll fight to ensure that everyone can receive the care they deserve.

Oppressive health care regulations and taxes are driving costs up

Not only has the federal government’s control of our health care system limited choices for consumers, but it’s limited growth and innovation. It’s passed many costs onto consumers and patients, and created a system that is unaffordable, unsustainable, and stagnant. For example, the medical device tax has created distortions in the medical device community, and costs that will be passed along to consumers. I know we need to remove the unnecessary limitations, and allow the health care field to innovate and improve.

Our healthcare market needs competition

Healthy competition will help our health care industry reduce costs, and improve the quality of care. When hospitals and insurance companies are encouraged to compete, and provide better care at a lower cost, patients and consumers receive many benefits. But unfortunately, Obamacare has limited any opportunities for competition. In Congress, I’ll push to allow consumers to purchase insurance across state lines, which will increase competition. I’ll fight for insurance portability, so that insurance isn’t tied to a job. And I’ll encourage medical malpractice reform, so that hospitals and doctors can lower their costs for care, and allow you to keep more of your money.

Congress should be forced to purchase the same plans that we are forced to buy It’s flat-out wrong that Congress is able to impose health care mandates and big government plans on America citizens, and then enjoy an exemption from these mandates. I’ll push to have Congress and their staffers abandon their Cadillac plans, and purchase the same plans in the federal marketplace that we are all forced to buy.