Government Spending and the National Debt

Our national debt is one of the most important challenges we face

The future of our children, and our grandchildren, is being jeopardized by our astronomical national debt. Today, the national debt is over $19 trillion, and is growing by an astounding $2.42 billion per day. If we wanted to pay off the national debt, it would cost each taxpayer over $160,000.

We must end the culture of wasteful spending in Washington

Washington politicians have promised for years that they will cut unnecessary spending. But insiders like Rep. Pingree have proven time and time again that they are unwilling to slim down our government, and stop spending your hard-earned money. I know that it’s critically important that we stop the over-spending, bring down our national debt, and allow our economy to power forward.

Maine needs leaders who have real-experience running a business and creating jobs

As a long-time businessman, and current small business owner, I know what it means to be a fiscal conservative. I know how to create and stick to a budget, eliminate wasteful spending, and keep spending priorities in line. I have the real world experience in our Maine economy, and I recognize the struggles that Maine businesses face. I’m committed to bringing real change to Washington, and ensuring we help grow create jobs here in the First District.

Our future depends on getting control over government spending and the national debt

Contrary to what the political establishment will tell you, our over-spending and our national debt are a major threat to our prosperity. We must limit our excessive spending – so that our government programs (such as Social Security and Medicare) are sustainable over the long-haul. We simply cannot afford to continue down this path of recklessness, and ignore the warning signs that our financial future is in jeopardy.