Foreign Policy

We must defeat radical Islamist Jihadism and terrorism wherever it exists.

Much like communism, radical Islamism is an ideology determined to destroy freedom, democracy and religious tolerance. I support using the full range of our diplomatic, economic, covert and military capabilities to root out this threat.

ISIS should not be allowed to maintain a quasi-state

I support sending US ground forces to work alongside our coalition partners to drive ISIS out of this region. We need a more aggressive air campaign than we have today. We must assert leadership unlike the weak-willed Obama administration.

We must have a strategy for dealing with ISIS

President Obama and his allies have been moving from crisis to crisis, without any clearly defined strategy. But we need a bold plan, and ac comprehensive strategy that contains a set of measurable and achievable goals.

It is imperative that this vision must be articulated clearly to the American people and our allies, so that we can restore faith in our ability to lead, and avoid being caught up in sectarian disputes.

We must restore America’s place as a world leader

I will work with others in Congress who are committed to restoring America’s place as a world power and keeping Americans safe here and abroad. We are facing serious threats – including increasingly hostile actions by Russia, an Iran that is empowered by the recent nuclear deal, a North Korea that is seemingly trying to provoke South Korea into war, and a growing number of home-grown terrorists who are threatened by our way of life.

America must stand strong, and we must not falter in the face of these threats. It’s imperative that we reassume our position as the strongest country in the world, and the world power who is willing to help solve the tough issues. Our safety and security depends upon strong leadership, and as your Congressman, I am committed to being the effective leader you deserve.