Environmental stewardship is my personal ethic.

I believe God has given us this world with the charge that we use resources wisely and ensure they will be available for future generations. I primarily drive a car that gets 36 mpg. Minimizing waste, composting, and recycling are the order of the day, every day, in my home.

Maine’s agricultural, fishing, and forestry industries are our heritage and our future.

It is essential we balance the need to conserve our resources with the needs of those in our state who make their living from these resources. I will work to ensure that the regulatory burden is kept in check so that all Mainers can experience our state’s natural gifts and reap the economic benefits they afford.

Clean air and water are Republican values.

As your Congressman, I will only support regulation based on sound science, where the data sources are transparent and impartially reviewed. I further believe that Congressional enactments, not EPA regulations, should be the primary source of environmental law at the federal level. The recent unbridled expansion of the EPA’s Clean Water regulations does not meet any reasonable standard and highlights the perversion of the agency from a protector of the environment to a political tool. Those rules represent overreach by the agency, creating a de facto federal land management board that will inevitably result in adverse impacts for Maine farmers and other land owners.

The climate is not static, and mankind’s role is far from settled science.

Media and proponents of imminent global warming have created hysteria about the inevitable manmade drive to global temperature increase. The proposed Paris Treaty is based on inadequate science. It will unduly and needlessly constrain our economic growth and create an unfair wealth transfer from US taxpayers to other nations. I will oppose it unequivocally in Congress.

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