Maine is burdened by high energy costs

Maine currently has some of highest energy costs in the nation. Individuals and families are paying more to fuel their cars and heat their homes, and Maine businesses are forced to devote more of their resources to paying for energy. This leads to less money in your pocket, fewer jobs, and a stagnant economy that isn’t competitive on the world stage.

It’s critical that we allow for access to low-cost energy

Growing our economy begins with ensuring Maine businesses have access to more affordable energy. Bureaucrats and politicians in Washington shouldn’t be choosing which type of energy is best – we should allow the marketplace and free enterprise to determine which energy sources are the most affordable and are best for Maine citizens and businesses. Reliable energy that is environmentally friendly and affordable will help create jobs, attract businesses to Maine, and ensure we have a secure future.

We need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil

Our nation imports a tremendous amount of oil from foreign countries. This not only a risk to our economy, but a major threat to our stability and security. We must explore all options to increase domestic energy production in an environmentally responsible manner, so to lessen our reliance on foreign governments.

This means allowing American companies to extract, refine, produce, and sell oil and gas, without burdensome restricts and unnecessary regulations. We can easily create jobs, lower the price of energy, and utilize the vast resources we have at our disposal.

An all-of-the-above energy plan

It’s critical that we not only increase access to affordable energy, but that we also keep an eye towards the future, and utilize all of our energy options. As the Congressman for the 1st District, I’ll fight for energy independence, and guarantee we are taking advantage of all of our domestic resources including natural gas, oil, solar, hydroelectric, nuclear, geothermal, and tidal power.

I’ll push for unsubsidized, free-market solutions that give consumers and businesses the freedom to access all sources of energy. This will help grow our economy, and ensure we have a secure and prosperous future.