Balancing the Budget

You live on a balanced budget, why shouldn’t Congress?

Families throughout the First District have learned to live within their means, and not spend more than they earn. Mainers know that they must stick to their budget, and prioritize their spending on the things they truly need. I believe that Congress should operate the same way — and use the same common-sense principles that we live by in the First District.

We need a balanced budget amendment

Forty-five U.S. states are required to have a balanced budget. They must not spend any more than they take in, in any given year. This not only prevents reckless spending, but it allows their economies to grow, and it creates economic opportunity and freedom. It’s time that we amend the Constitution so that the federal government abides by these same principles.

Congress shouldn’t get paid unless they pass a budget

When I’m elected to Congress, I’ll introduce legislation that forces Washington to create and pass a budget — or else they don’t get a paycheck. If Congress can’t figure out a responsible, honest, and sustainable way to spend your money, then they shouldn’t be getting paid. It’s that simple.