Maine is in the midst of an epidemic

Our state is in the middle of an intense drug epidemic. Families are being torn apart, and lives are being ruined or lost forever. Addressing this crisis, and ensuring that our health care community, our police forces, and our loved ones have all the tools they need, must be a top priority. We cannot perpetrate the stigma of addiction, and simply hope that this problem will solve itself or go away.

This requires a multifaceted approach

There is no easy solution for addiction, or the problems it causes. We need a multi-faceted approach that utilizes all of our resources in order to stop this problem in its tracks. This includes tough penalties for those caught selling and transporting illegal substances, strict limits on doctors and hospitals who are prescribing opiates, adequate funding for addiction treatment centers, and education programs that warn of the dangers of addiction and drug usage.

We must remain tough on those bringing drugs into our state and our country

We cannot allow families to continue to suffer because of the dangerous drugs and substances being smuggled into Maine and U.S. Securing our borders, and preventing criminals from importing drugs into our communities is the first step towards tackling this issue. We need swift and stiff penalties for those caught bringing drugs into our country – so that we can focus on curbing this epidemic, and helping those who are suffering under crippling addictions.